Nikki Kellogg Photography

Nikki Kellogg Photography

Specializing in funeral photography

In today's society, large family gatherings are usually for weddings and funerals, so why would you capture the precious memories of one and not the other?

Covering western NY, including Batavia, Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding areas.

What makes Nikki unique and perfect for your photography

Being a part of the death care industry over the years as an intern at the Monroe County Medical Examiners Office, a Tissue Recovery Technician for both disease research and tissue transplant, and having Death Doula training (a person who assists in the dying process), Nikki is familiar with and has worked with many funeral homes over the years.

In addition to her unique background, she has also been a photographer for 20+ years, and recently decided to offer her passion of photography to others on a professional and creative level. Using her services is a perfect way to treasure those memories, to view family and friends who arrived, and to share the celebration of the decedent's life with those who could not attend.

military honors at a funeral
line of hearses
gravesite burial
funeral floral arrangement
beautiful casket to be interred
urn of ashes